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Marisa Loera


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Dominique Paiva



Dominic Jordan

Pet Care Professional

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Jamie Barnhart

Cat Care Professional

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Marisa has loved and cared for animals since her youth. This attitude manifested in sharing her childhood home with several pets and ultimately, the creation of Travelers Pet Care in 2014. She initiated a career in pet care because she wanted the pets who came into her care to experience wellness, joy, and adventure. Her years caring for her own variety of pets, including dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds and rodents, made professional pet care second nature to her. As a dedicated pet care professional, Marisa has earned a pet CPR and first aid certification, studied local pet ordinances , and has been a member of Pet Sitters International for several years. Since starting Travelers Pet Care, Marisa and her team has cared for over 400 pets. As a lifelong learner, Marisa enjoys engaging with others and listening to audiobooks in her spare time. She currently shares her home with her loving animals, a Siamese cat named Jasmine and terrier mix named Milo.


Dominique our office manager was born into a family of animal lovers, her mother is a lifelong animal rescuer and activist, Dominique followed in the footsteps of her mother the minute she was born. She grew up surrounded by rescue animals and when she was old enough she started assisting her mom in caring for the animals that her mom was fostering. She has experience with cats, dogs, farm animals, reptiles, and rodents. She has been volunteering at animal shelters and taking in foster kittens for many years. Before joining our team she worked as a veterinary technician and at a local doggy daycare. She is the proud pet parent of two dogs Sol and Baxter and her three snakes Toby, Buck, and Noodle. Dominique loves animals, plants, chocolate, and traveling during her off time.


Dominic, aka Fox, comes from a security background as a bodyguard. They have always had a love for animals and currently share their home with their python. They have been a long-time team member of Travelers Pet care with experience in caring for cats, dogs, and reptiles. In Fox's spare time, they are an online videogame streamer of high regard and popularity.