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BOARDING: $85 Per Day
Boarding rates are based on calendar days,
not 24-hour periods. If you pick up your dog before 10:00 am you will not be charged for the day. If a dog is picked up after 10:00 AM, we do charge for boarding that day. Drop-off and pick-up times must be confirmed with the boarder.

*$20 Fee for early morning (before 8:00 am) or late evening pickups (after 8:00 pm)
*$10 Holiday fee for all federal holidays

BOARDING TRIAL: $45 for 4 hours
A trial run is required to make sure your dog feels comfortable in our home and gets along with the other dogs in the house. After your dog has successfully completed the trial run you can submit your deposit. The deposit is half of the total booking. If you cancel more than a week in advance, the full deposit will be refunded. If you cancel with less than seven days’ notice, it will not be refunded. From the month of November through January we require two weeks notice for a full refund of your deposit.

If you need a hand in picking up and/or dropping off your dog at home let us know. We would need access to a lockbox or you can give us a copy of your house key if we don't have a copy on hand.

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We do our best to create a relaxed and safe environment for your dog. Your dog will engage in games, walks, and all the attention that they want. Below is a list of some of the activities your dog will experience during their stay!​

  • Regular feeding schedule

  • Neighborhood walks 

  • One hour hikes 

  • Play sessions

  • Belly rubs


We will provide your dog with food bowls, beds, and toys. So all you need to provide is their food and medications if necessary. Feel free to provide a small blanket or article of clothing that has your scent on it to comfort them while you're away. This item could get torn up so make sure it's something you are okay with leaving behind. ​

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In order for your dog to qualify for boarding, they need to meet the requirements below.

  • Up-to-date on vaccinations

  • Neutered or spayed

  • Adult and senior dogs only

  • Good with basic commands

  • Housetrained

  • Kennel trained 

  • People friendly

  • Dog friendly