How To Hide Your Litter Box In Plain View

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Cat furniture for hiding litter boxes.

Let's be realistic, cat boxes aren't the nicest things to look at, even ones designed to look like less of an eyesore. When you have a smaller house, you have fewer places to "hide" it. In the bathroom? The closet? Then you run into problems with damp cat litter or the smell of it on your clothes. The easiest way around this problem, just put it out in the open!

Just like any piece of furniture, there is the right style for your home.


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Low Price Range

Way Basics is a personal favorite. They have a very simple and sleek design that is available in a variety of fun colors. It'll look great in the office, bedroom, or even the kid's room!

Pros: Eco-Friendly, non-toxic, and made of sustainable paperboard. They are also lightweight and stackable with a 30lb weight limit. No tools required! Cons: Paperboard, while sustainable, due to moisture it cannot go in the bathroom or be outdoors. Does not disassemble well. *Check out their stackable cat scratcher cube and cubby storage as a great addition to hide food, treats, and toys!


Medium Price Range

UniPaws is another great brand that I recommend. They offer 3 different sizes with 2 styles to choose from! The rustic, wooden slat detailing is their main design, but they offer a modern option as well.

Pros: Entrance can be installed on either side. Optional divider inserts to help prevent litter from being kicked and tracked onto the floor. Made of sturdy MDF and metal hinges. Cons: Takes about 1 hour to put together. The unit sometimes smells from shipment. Screws occasionally crack wood

*Check out their litter trap mat and nightstand design


High Price Range

THE REFINED FELINE is a high-end feline furniture business with a contemporary style. They have 2 sizes for their design and multiple "add on" option of legs for the unit!

Pros: Hidden slide-out drawer for storage. Rear ventilation slots have optional carbon odor filters. Real woodgrain. The entrance can be installed on either side. XL option fits most electric litterboxes. Easy and quick assembly. Cons: Hard to get the doors on evenly. The unit sometimes can flimsy and "wiggles" side to side. Check out their litter catch base that is available in the same color as the unit, and matching cat scratcher end table!

There is furniture made for your cat to hide in, so why not hide their litter box? Also great to keep the dog out!

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